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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You think you know a guy...

So I popped over to Drew's blog so I could grab his URL to link to his name in my last post and what do you know... The bastard got engaged 10 days ago! I sit NEXT to him. He's my cubemate! I am so sad I didn't get to be filled with this glee last week. GLEE people! You don't hold off glee! I could have been gleeful and giggly for 240 hours! 14,400 minutes!! Eight million six hundred and forty thousand seconds of glee gone forever. sigh.

What I am trying to say is:

I met Drew's girl very recently. She came to pick him up from work. You should see the way he looks at her. It's so sweet and tender. That boy is smitten! Alison is a very lovely girl. I wish them all kinds of happiness in love and life.
Wow. Good times.
They really are supersweet together.
I'm so excited for them! YIPPEEEEE!!!
Maybe they will have a Futurama theme wedding. No, wait, that idea's taken. Perhaps an Arrested Development wedding? They could hire people to come as the Bluths! I GET TO BE G.O.B.!

"...he put it down and it continued bending."

Yeah, yeah, yeah... It's been forever. I'm getting married in 17 days people! Time is precious! Why am I here today, you ask. Well, this morning while making my coffee in the office kitchen I thought up something rather, well, hilarious and there was no one around to share it with.

I pulled the coffee mixing spoon out of its cup of water on the counter and as I moved to stir in my sugar-whaAa? It was bent! The spoony bit was bent at an almost 90 degree angle! My first thought was: "Uri Geller's in tha hiz-ouse!" I chuckled and then was sad that I was alone.

I wished that either Drew of Growden were right there to share with, but alas... The first person to come to the kitchen was a guy from the other side of the floor who I don't know too well. I thought about holding up the spoon and tossing out my prize-winning one-liner, but I then thought about how awkward it would be if he didn't know who Uri Geller was.

Long story short: I am a comedic genius.