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Friday, June 09, 2006

Did someone say HOUSE PARTY?!?

Yes! Yes I did! Read down. (the post before Spaghetti-oke)

Our house party is going to make House Party look like House Party 2.

For more info: missjuliaj@gmail.com or look me up in the book. If you don't know my last name, you suck.



At 9/6/06 10:54 AM, Blogger Maria said...

Your last name is right there in your "about me" information!

At 9/6/06 11:33 AM, Blogger Miss Julia said...

I guess you don't suck, hey? Or maybe you do? *wiggles eyebrows*

Can't wait to see you!!

At 21/6/06 12:47 AM, Blogger zombiehellmonkey said...

Oh this sounds like fun, I'll see you there!


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